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Connected & Automated Vehicles 

Business & Communications

About Us 

CAVs is in charge of the autonomous driving stack; everything including perception, planning and control. CAVs work ranges from simulating driving scenarios to integrating sensors such as Lidars, Radios, IMUs into the vehicle for enhanced performance. 

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Propulsion Controls & Modelling 

Systems Design & Integration (SDI)

About Us 

Manage and regulates key functions of the electric vehicle's powertrain. For example, software we develop controls the electric motor and manages interactions with the battery, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of the vehicle. It also plays a vital role in diagnostics, safety, and implementing energy-saving strategies to enhance the vehicle's overall sustainability and driving range.

About Us 

The Systems Design and Integration team handles all of the mechanical, electrical, and safety aspects of the project. We install all the team added components of the vehicle and route power to them, while also developing and enforcing the team's safety procedures.

Project Management (PM) 

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

About Us 

The project manager oversees the daily operations of the team and strategizes for the car's development. Their primary objective is to support the team by eliminating any obstacles that may hinder progress and ensuring alignment with the project timeline. 

About Us 

We make sure UWAFT is meeting its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by using data driven strategies, educational events, and outreach. We collaborate with groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the automotive industry to ensure everyone has a voice.