Project Manager

The team has one project manager, typically a graduate student, who keeps everyone working on what’s needed. It’s vital for the project manager to have an understanding of all issues going on within the team, to quickly and efficiently figure out what the next steps are. A project manager needs to have strong communication skills, leadership capabilities, and a strong technical background to be able to lead the team to success.

Engineering Manager

The engineering manager, who is typically a more technical focused graduate student, makes sure the team is operating safely and efficiently on the vehicle. The engineering manager should have a deep knowledge of the vehicle and systems within the vehicle to help the team decide on critical factors in design and integration. This role requires strong leadership skills and a very strong technical background.

Sub-Team Lead

The sub-team lead takes on the responsibility of managing people on their team and becoming an expert on the work they’re in charge of. You must coordinate with other leads and plan work accordingly to achieve the best results. The sub-team lead will also be heavily involved with technical work and guiding other students to learn the required skills which are necessary for success.

Core Member

A core member makes up the foundation of all sub-teams, and are capable learners who possess a strong ability to learn. Core members work closely with sub-team leads and volunteers to create a final product.


Volunteers are vital for the future success of the team since these are the students who can integrate themselves into future leadership roles if they are interested and willing to do so. Becoming a volunteer is relatively simple and provides many opportunities to find a role that fits your skills.



Create tools to streamline the team’s workflow, and become a master of all the systems that will make the team more efficient. Deploy continuous integration (CI) practices and create interfaces for all necessary sub-teams.


The perception team works with various technologies to identify objects in real-time. They use LIDAR, Radar, and cameras, and create algorithms to process the raw data. With the use of neural networks to identify objects based on images, the team helps guide the car on the path of autonomy.

User Interface

The team responsible for the vehicle user interface mixes behavioral data of humans and technology to create a satisfying user experience. Userinterface is a large sector in the auto industry and the UI team works to revolutionize the modern UI.


The simulation team takes on the task of developing simulations to model real-world experiences with various sensors. The simulations created by the team are vital for the understanding and application of the technology.



The mechanical team designs, models and then builds the components for use on the vehicle. They play a key role in designing the propulsion system architecture, and are very detailed when it comes to spacing and sizing components with precision.


The electrical team develops and designs the vehicles wire harness and high voltage system. Their expertise helps keep communication to control systems as efficient as possible, while also accounting for safety.



The controls team works with the different controllers in the vehicle and designs and implements algorithms for the vehicle software. These members have a deep understanding of the different interfaces between components and the physics behind how they work.

Systems Modelling & Simulation

The systems modelling team creates the various models representative of the vehicle to gather all necessary data for critical decision making. They work to optimize all performance aspects of the vehicle to ensure the best results.


Communications Manager

The communications manager is a role for business-focused master’s students, who have a passion for spreading technology awareness. They are in charge of the communications team and help the team with gaining awareness, financial planning, and marketing aspects.

Social Media Team Member

Members of the Social Media sub-team attend all UWAFT events and their goal is to capture photos and videos for the team’s online presence. The expectation is that every event will be documented amongst our platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube). They also follow up with users who reach out to us through these platforms and collaborate with the Website Design team to ensure all events are captured through the webpage.

Sponsorship Team Member

The Sponsorship sub-team is dedicated to reaching out to potential sponsors in the community and look to engage collaboration between UWAFT and companies. They are in charge of maintaining a personal relationship with each corporate sponsor and ensuring that they receive all components of their sponsorship package agreement.

Graphic/Website Design Team Member

The Design sub-team focuses on creating visually appealing documents for promotion purposes. These materials may include banners, tablecloths, pamphlets, business cards and posters for recruitment. They also focus on making any adjustments to the website and are encouraged to consider better ways to express the information that is found on our site.