We're recruiting

We are looking for students of any background from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University to come and join our team. That means if you are in engineering, business, arts, science, environment, etc. we are looking for YOU! All years of students are welcome. You will have the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience, as well as have the chance to network with industry professionals!

If you’re from the University of Waterloo, you can join the engineering team and earn ME599 technical elective credits through your own project!

If you’re from Wilfrid Laurier University, you can join the communications team and earn BU480/BU490 elective credits through your own project!

Check out our teams below and see if they are a good fit for you!

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Business & Communications

Create tools to streamline the team’s workflow, and become a master of all the systems that will make the team more efficient! Deploy continuous integration (CI) practices and create interfaces for all necessary sub-teams!

Develop perception, sensor fusion, controls and safety systems for autonomous features that will be on the 2019 Blazer. These features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane centreing and automatic emergency braking. Use Radars, Cameras. Ultrasonics and V2X hardware to detect objects in real-time. Learn great skills such as ROS, C++, MATLAB, Simulink and real-time systems! Also, you’ll learn how to simulate all these systems using MATLAB and the Unreal engine!

Design the innovative user features in the vehicle, including infotainment, connectivity and more! Use a wide range of software languages including Python, C++ and more!

Design the vehicle user interface and experience (UI/UX) for use in a carsharing fleet! Drive the research and design for a mobile carsharing application!

Develop content for UWAFT social media to increase awareness of UWAFT and mobility technologies! Drive our social media goals through brand building and analytics! Attend UWAFT events to capture photos and videos for the team’s online presence!

Spark collaboration between UWAFT and companies! Reach out to new potential sponsors! Plan initiatives with sponsors such as campus events and social media campaigns!

Create visually appealing brand material for social media, events, websites and more! Design posters, infographics, videos and more to build the UWAFT brand!

Organize and run outreach events for elementary and secondary students to spread awareness of sustainable technologies and encourage those interested in pursuing STEM! Organize and run campus events to spread the word of UWAFT and EcoCAR on campus!

Perform market research analysis for the Blazer’s target carsharing market! Perform interviews to fully understand what consumers look for in their carsharing vehicle! Derive insights and conclusions to drive the design of the Blazer and its features!


Propulsion Controls & Modelling (PCM)


Propulsion Systems & Integration (PSI)

Work with different vehicle controllers inside the Blazer to design and implement vehicle control algorithms in MATLAB Simulink! Gain a deep understanding of the different vehicle interfaces (such as the CAN bus)!

Simulate the vehicle mechanical/electrical/control systems to gather data and make critical decisions for the design of the Blazer!

Design, model and build the physical components inside the Blazer! Use powerful computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) software to design a safe and reliable vehicle!

Design and build the electrical system within the Blazer, including low-voltage and high-voltage wiring! Ensure proper communication between each subsystem to achieve optimal and reliable performance!